Engineering Specialties



Engineering Specialties, aka Water Specialties Group, Inc., is located in Bensenville, IL, a suburb of Chicago.  The company  was founded in 1989 to assist water treatment dealers, consumers, businesses and manufacturers
with very difficult water treatment applications. Engineering Specialties, along with their dealers and suppliers, has done and continues to do, extensive research and development on water studies and water treatment products. Our methods, along with innovative products, have seen success on thousands of applications.


The principal method for our success is a process we call
“Element Restructuring”.
Instead of the typical guess work that dealers and manufacturers have done for years, we take an analytical approach.  There are a variety of elements and compounds that we typically look at in the water that give us the ability to:


Engineering Specialties strives to provide our customers with Environmentally Compatible Systems that result in long-term solutions to their  water treatment problems.

Corporate Offices
245 William Street
Bensenville, IL 60106