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Water Testing Services

Since 1989, Engineering Specialties has been dedicated to supporting water treatment professionals with difficult water treatment applications. One of the most important services
we offer is our water testing. Complete and accurate testing is important to providing correct solutions for your customers.  
Once your tests are completed, we do more than just provide numbers on paper. The several page report provides details of the problems and solutions.  Through different levels of support, we provide assistance to you with recommendations, explanations, equipment needed, and proper installation and maintenance.

Engineering Services

Water testing is only a part of the services we offer to professionals with their applications.  From the analysis we are able to provide help and an explanation of the report, predict possible changes in the water, provide proper system recommendations, help with proper sizing, and assist with the design of the system.  We also offer engineering and service support programs over the phone or in the field to ensure success with your application.